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Sunland Nutrition, Inc. is pleased to share that we have been honored with the ADM 2022 Supplier Diversity Award in recognition of our wide range of diverse raw ingredients. As a company, we take pride in offering high-quality ingredients, timely deliveries, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service. We are grateful to be a part of ADM's journey and for their recognition in our efforts. We are committed in working with their team in pursuing sustainable solutions and driving positive change.

According to Camille Batiste, ADM Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Procurement, ADM's suppliers play a critical role in consistently meeting customer needs efficiently across the global food supply chain. ADM's annual supplier recognition program celebrates their excellent partnerships who have demonstrated outstanding support throughout the year. We are proud to be among one of the seven suppliers to be awarded in this year's award program. Sunland Nutrition aims to continuously perform towards a more eco-friendly and innovative future.

Sunland Nutrition Has Won
ADM 2022

Supplier Diversity Award

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