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Sunland Nutrition is an industry trusted innovative source of raw materials in the Nutraceutical, Sport Nutrition, Food and Beverage, Personal Care and Feed marketplace.

With a longtime strong relationship with our manufacturers, we are able to provide a complete line of high-quality ingredients to our customers and promise to help build your business.



Rare Sugar Allulose 

“The latest ideal low-calorie sweetener, with the same sweet taste, functions, and texture as sugar. A natural sugar replacement that is Keto-friendly” 


1:1 White or Brown Sugar Replacement

Our Monk Fruit Sweetener Erythritol blend offers 1:1 authentic sugar taste, with same sweetness level as sugar, zero glycemic index, and zero net carbs. This product is an ideal healthy replacement for sugar in cooking, baking and other usages. Available in both White and Brown sugar versions.


Pure Fruit & Vegetable Powder

Pure, Organic Fruit and Vegetable powders with no fillers that can be used in many applications, such as natural food coloring, flavoring, food and beverage formulations. 


Natural calorie-free sugar alcohol, made from fermented natural sugars in corn. It has zero glycemic index and does not cause tooth decay. The sweetness level is similar to sugar with a cooling, clean taste

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