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VITA SPINACH® is a water-soluble powdered extract of the Amaranthus plant (aka “red spinach”) that is high in naturally occurring dietary nitrate. Ancient cultures in Asia and the Americas revered it as a superfood for its capacity to boost energy and endurance. Like a well-trained marathoner, red spinach is drought-tolerant and thrives at high altitudes, in strong winds, and blazing temperatures. Its leaves contain high amounts of naturally occurring nitrates for increasing nitric oxide–about 500% more than beets.

VITA SPINACH® relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow by boosting the production of nitric oxide

WHAT IS NITRIC OXIDE?: Nitric Oxide is a gas released in blood vessels that reduces blood pressure, increases circulation, and helps the body function better overall. It also plays a crucial role in the immune system, neurological functions, and many other physiological processes.

Use in:

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List of Products:

Red Spinach Extract 9% Nitrate

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